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ENT, which means EAR , NOSE and THROAT.

We aim to provide you a complete info about ENT surgery whether you’re gathering information foryourselves or your loved ones.

Our hospital, Bhagwan Das HOSpital Sonipat, is having complete team of ENT experts.They guide you completely like what to expect before surgery, during and after surgery. lets understand what is ENT surgery

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lets understand what is ENT surgery

1) Ear surgery
> restoring hearing functions
> treatment of infections
> overcoming profound hearing loss

2) nose surgery
> correcting deviated septum
> enhancing nasal structure and appearance
> enhancing nasal airflow

3) throat surgery
> treating recurrent infections
> managing sleep apnea
> correcting pediatric airway issues

> Consultation and Evaluation
> Preoperative Instructions and Guidelines
> Anesthesia Options and Risks
> Recovery and Postoperative Care

ENT surgery covers various conditions and procedures, including but not limited to:

Ear Surgery: This includes procedures such as tympanoplasty (reconstruction of the eardrum), myringotomy (insertion of ear tubes to treat recurrent ear infections or fluid buildup), mastoidectomy (removal of infected mastoid air cells), and cochlear implant surgery (implantation of a device to restore hearing in severe hearing loss or deafness).

Nose and Sinus Surgery: Common procedures include septoplasty (correction of a deviated septum), turbinate reduction (reduction of enlarged nasal turbinates), endoscopic sinus surgery (removal of nasal polyps or treatment of chronic sinusitis), and rhinoplasty (cosmetic or functional correction of the nose).

Throat and Voice Box Surgery: This encompasses procedures like tonsillectomy (removal of the tonsils), adenoidectomy (removal of the adenoids), laryngoscopy (examination of the larynx), vocal cord surgery
(to correct voice disorders or remove vocal cord lesions), and uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) for sleep apnea.

Head and Neck Cancer Surgery: ENT surgeons are involved in the surgical management of tumors and cancers of the head and neck region, such as thyroidectomy (removal of the thyroid gland), neck dissection (removal of lymph nodes in the neck), and tumor excision or reconstruction surgeries.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery: ENT surgeons often perform cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, including facelifts, brow lifts, eyelid surgery, and reconstructive procedures after trauma or cancer removal.

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